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Wesley H. Paul
Thomas J. Flanagan
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Assistant Principal

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Oliver Ames High School Core Values
Learn collaboratively
Express creativity
Act with integrity
Demonstrate responsibility
Embrace curiosity
Respect each other
Strive for excellence

Oliver Ames High School Mission Statement
The Oliver Ames High School community of faculty, staff, students, parents, and residents believe that in order to fulfill its mission of excellence and equity in education, we must embody the ideals of a comprehensive high school. We will work together to create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment. Students will become critical thinkers, problem solvers and independent thinkers who contribute in many ways to our ever changing world. We recognize the need for a variety of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom and promote intellectual curiosity, individual responsibility and respectful interaction. By achieving goals and overcoming adversity, students will be encouraged to reach their potential and be prepared to assume meaningful roles in society.

Oliver Ames High School Academic Expectations
OA Students Will ACCESS Information in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • A.1 - Actively and critically reading, listening, and observing.
  • A.2 - Initiating appropriate questions.
  • A.3 - Conducting independent and collaborative research.
  • A.4 - Using appropriate technologies to locate and retrieve information.
  • A.5 - Demonstrating initiative while seeking information.
OA Students Will PROCESS Information in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • P.1 - Assimilating and organizing information.
  • P.2 - Recognizing patterns, evaluating trends, and comparisons.
  • P.3 - Drawing inferences and making conclusions.
  • P.4 - Quickly responding and adapting to unexpected challenges
  • P.5 - Creating and designing unique solutions to problems and challenges.
  • P.6 - Applying and adapting appropriate form and technique for performance tasks.
OA Students Will COMMUNICATE Information in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • C.1 - Doing, writing, and speaking clearly and purposely for a variety of audiences.
  • C.2 - Presenting creative projects in a variety of formats.
  • C.3 - Using technology to present information.
  • C.4 - Demonstrating leadership while promoting individual and collaborative activities.
OA Students Will DEVELOP Themselves in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • D.1 - Demonstrating a sense of curiosity by considering alternative perspectives.
  • D.2 - Gaining a better understanding of their learning process through consistent self-reflection

Oliver Ames High School
Social/Civic Expectations for Learning
OA Students Will ACT RESPONSIBLY for Themselves and Others in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • SC.1 - Working cooperatively and collaboratively.
  • SC.2 - Respecting and understanding cultural differences.
  • SC.3 - Participating with a local/global perspective.
OA Students Will ACT RESPECTFULLY to Themselves and Others in a Variety of Ways Including:
  • SC.4 - Interacting appropriately with all members of the school community.
  • SC.5 - Honoring school policies and procedures.
  • SC.6 - Understanding and demonstrating academic integrity.